Docuware Monitor

Docuware Monitor

Docuware Monitor is a product which is installed on the Docuware SQL server as a Windows Service and which can monitor all document creates, updates and deletes. Once a document is scanned in Docuware, Docuware Monitor can perform custom activities on these document using their metadata. These activities can include any of the following:

  • creation of a text or XML file for storage locally or on an FTP site,
  • performing a custom update within the Docuware database or within another,custom user database (Docuware or non-Docuware),
  • inform a REST service of the change that has occurred, and several other custom activities.
  • extraction of the document and/or conversion to a PDF document to be stored or sent

These activities are performed quickly (typically within less than a second after the Docuware update has been made).

Docuware Monitor is optimized for use with Microsoft SQL Server.

Customers using Docuware Monitor:
Provident Trust Group