Docker And Kubernetes

Virtual Event – Docker and Kubernetes for New’ish Developers (09/21/2021)


Virtual – Aftercamp Meetup – Docker and Kubernetes for New’ish Developers

Link: Here

Web Developers who have either self-taught themselves, or those who have graduated from a development boot camp or computer science program.

Those who have a solid foundation on Full-Stack development and are looking to explore the next step.

Docker and Kubernetes continue to be the rising stars for developers and their teams. But why? If you are relatively new to development, the concept of Containerization and Orchestration can be a bit of a mystery.

In this session, we are going to set up the problem that Docker and Kubernetes solve, and intro how the two solve that problem. We will also take a look at the tools themselves and examples of how they work.

By the end of the session, you will have a good idea of why Docker and Kubernetes are important to the Developer and DevOps ecosystem and have a foundation of knowledge you could use to continue to explore them yourself.

5 mins – Kick off!
45 mins – Presentation – Docker and Kubernetes,
Speaker: Scott Bromander
10 mins – Questions and Wrap-up

Scott Bromander
Director of Engineering and Growth, Artisan Technology Group
Co-founder, Aftercamp

Scott is an experienced Web Developer Leader, Developer, Educator, and Learning Experience Designer. He has led agency projects for Fortune 500 companies and has started multiple development bootcamp campuses across the United States. He has 1000’s of hours of speaking experience and is passionate about people and their growth, web and cloud technologies, psychology, neuroscience, and sociology.

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