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Virtual Event – Full Stack Serverless Development with AWS (09/07/2021)


Virtual – Aftercamp Meetup – Full Stack Serverless Development with AWS

Link: Here

Web Developers who have either self-taught themselves, or those who have graduated from a development boot camp or computer science program.

Those who have a solid foundation on Full-Stack development and are looking to explore the next step.

Authentication, authorization, creating and documenting an API and of course connecting to a database. Individually, those are tough tasks, all together, it usually requires an entire team of engineers…and you haven’t even gotten to your business logic!

AWS is the leading cloud provider, but the point of entry has traditionally been tough for frontend developers. In this session, we’ll discuss how to get up and running with AWS Amplify, a wrapper around common AWS services and libraries so that frontend developers can quickly create production-ready, full-stack applications.

5 mins – Kick off!
45 mins – Presentation – Full Stack Serverless Development with AWS
Speaker: Michael Liendo
10 mins – Questions and Wrap-up

Michael Liendo
Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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